The Painting and Carpentry Company Belton Can Rely On

Purchased by two men in 1869, the 80 acres that became Belton were incorporated four years later. It was named after one of the founder’s closest friends; they’d served together during the Civil War. Native Americans—of various tribes—were also deeply involved in the city’s history. These days, the town boasts a population of roughly 23,000 people. Measuring roughly 14 miles, it’s exponentially larger than the small property that originally comprised it. RPM Painting is familiar with this town’s history, the style of its homes, and the layout of its streets.

As a Belton painting company, we’ve been invited into hundreds of homes in the area. Our employees have all enjoyed an afternoon at Aaron’s Fun Center or swung by for dinner at La Nonna. You’ll likely spot some of our handiwork as you drive down its beautiful streets. As interior and exterior home remodeling experts, we know how to make any home into something worthy of a home design magazine. But, as you’ll see below, our expertise goes far beyond a simple paint job.

Belton’s Go-To Exterior Painting Company

Belton PaintingPeople say that first impressions are everything—we agree. And, if you call Belton home, your home’s exterior is often the first thing visitors see. Do you really want them to see chipped paint, faded colors, or a humdrum shade of tan? Probably not. Whether you’re looking to make your siding pop or just to repaint your entryway, our exterior painters are here for you. We’ll work with you to ensure every inch of your home is worth showing off.

For those who want to capitalize on the boons of exterior painting in Belton—including a higher sales price—we suggest leaving things to a professional. With almost two decades of experience leveling up curb appeal, we’re one of the go-to painting companies in the area. Everything we recommend is designed to meet the needs of your home’s design and the Missouri-Kansas climate. Your freshly painted siding will not only stand up to sun and rain but winter’s bites as well. Our proprietary preparation process ensures your new exterior will be the darling of the block for years to come.

Need help picking a good color? Not sure what finish will match your wood shingles? RPM Painting offers free color consultations before beginning work. Our quotes are also available at no cost to you. So, go ahead and give us a jingle today. There’s nothing to lose except your tired, old exterior paint job.

Belton’s Trusted Interior Painter

Wall color makes a big difference in the feel and flavor of a room. A bubbly pink adds an air of whimsy to your child’s playroom. A subdued slate, meanwhile, exudes professionalism. A deep red, on the other hand, reminds you of cozy restaurants like Family Cabin. Our professional Belton painters ensure the result reflects your personality. Our Benjamin Moore line of paints ensures that the finished product holds up to whatever your busy life throws at it.

Bathroom? Attic? Recently finished garage? No interior room is beyond our painter’s expertise. We’ll select the right sheen and shade to ensure a perfect finish. This means moisture-resistant paints where needed and durable finishes for more commonly used rooms.

When it comes to interior painting in Belton, we aim to make it all hassle-free. We move the furniture for you and lay down drop cloths before starting work. After finishing, we take time to deep clean the space. Afterward, we’ll provide you with maintenance instructions. If you have any questions about our interior painting work, please contact us online or by phone.

Businesses in Belton Can Rely on RPM

Belton PaintingAre you a business owner with a storefront in the heart of Belton? Do you run a factory or auto shop on the city’s outskirts? Our commercial painters are here for you, no matter what kind of company you run. We know the right colors to help you meet your goal. Need something intimate and cozy? We’ll find a dark shade that fits your brand.

We’ve partnered with a number of businesses in your backyard and have great reviews on Google to prove it. Need carpentry services or the exterior power washed? Our team of business remodeling experts can handle it all. As a fully insured business, we provide superior services with minimal risk to you.

We invite you to give us a call for a quote on commercial painting in Belton. If you’re not ready to phone yet, check out this page for more information on how we can help you grow.

Preventing Damage to Your Home’s Wooden Fixtures

Your home’s hardwood floors and decks weren’t cheap. But, if left unprotected, you’ll be left with a mess after just a single Missouri or Kansas winter. Wood will be chipped, and its warm glow will have faded to something like worn barnwood. Water will get in and slowly wear away at your new fixtures. Eventually, you’ll be stuck playing Jenga with replacement boards. So, what’s a homeowner in Belton to do? Call RPM Painting, of course!

Our wood sealing experts will take the necessary steps to protect your investment. This typically means applying a coat of high-quality stain or sealant. Want that deck a warm walnut? Aiming for a darker finish? We provide a full assortment of options. Solid colors are also not out of reach for modern Benjamin Moore products. With these layers of armor in place, you can enjoy your new floors, cabinets, or other wooden fixtures for years to come.

Power Washing Services in Belton

While we’re huge proponents of exterior painting in Belton, it’s not always needed to bring life back to your home. Power washing might be enough if the problem is stained cement, siding algae, or dirt accumulation. The same goes for dark build-up on your roof, outdoor trim, and wooden features. And, if you want to try refreshing your own siding in Belton, it’s a necessary part of preparation. While DIY power washing is an option, it often means forking over big bucks.

This service uses pressurized water to harmlessly remove grime and unwanted buildup from your home’s exterior. We can add specialized chemicals to the mix if stains and discoloration are particularly stubborn. For a free quote on power washing in Belton, contact RPM Painting at (816) 729-3107.

Carpenters and Woodworkers that Belton Can Trust

Most Belton painting companies leave the woodwork and structural repairs to another contractor. If they find rotten wood, the entire remodeling process grinds to a halt. To get your handrails painted, you need to wait for an independent contractor to install them. Now, you’re left juggling appointments with two different companies. What was meant to take one weekend will now take weeks. If that sounds like a nightmare to you, skip the hassle and call RPM Painting instead.

Belton PaintingIn addition to our exterior and interior painters, we also employ a number of professional carpenters. General contracting tasks we can handle in Belton include:

  • Soffit and deck board replacement
  • Rail and handle additions
  • New deck construction
  • Interior trim work
  • Cabinet refinishing and installation
  • Internal door replacement and installation
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • New window installation
  • Eave building

To get a quote on a carpentry project in Belton, please reach out to us at 816-729-3107.

What Makes RPM Painting the Best Home Improvement Company in Belton

We know we aren’t the only painter in Belton. But we’ve taken steps to set ourselves apart. Below are the five things that make RPM Painting a cut above the rest:

  • Ample Experience: When you want the best painting company in Belton, start with us. We’ve been serving you and your neighbors for almost 20 years.
  • Community Care: RPM Painting is proud to be a local painting company. We do our best to give back to the Belton area. This includes spending money locally and partnering with a number of local organizations.
  • White Glove Treatment: We handle all the prep work for you! Our Belton painters will move the furniture, remove blinds, and tape. This means you can 
  • Unrivaled Quality: Our proprietary preparation process ensures a beautiful and durable finish. When you hire us to paint in Belton, you know the job will last for years to come.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: We arrive when we say we will and complete your Belton painting job in a reasonable time. We don’t jerk our customers’ chains and treat your appointment with the gravity it deserves. 

RPM Painting Can Put the Home You Dream of Within Reach

Since we opened in 2006, our Belton painting company has helped hundreds of homeowners enhance their homes. You can count on us to handle everything from commercial to interior painting. With over two decades of experience serving the Kansas City area, our expertise and workmanship are tough to beat. We’re also fully insured and certified to provide services that help those with asthma breathe a little easier. Our ability to add porches and replace doors makes us your one-stop shop for curb appeal in Belton.

Open most days from 9-to-5, our flexible scheduling allows us to accommodate your schedule. Reach out to our local painters at 816-729-3107 to schedule. Not sure what color paint you want? What finish will look right in your daughter’s tiny bedroom? Our specialists will work with you to devise the perfect plan for you and your lifestyle. When it comes to painting in Belton, we’re to painting what Big Joe’s is to fireworks—a real thrill to work with.