Celebrate the Diversity of Overland Park

Often referred to as the gateway to Kansas City, Overland Park is the second largest community in Kansas and the most populated of the metro area’s four cities. With daytime populations of well over 200,000—thanks to commuters—it’s a bustling place. Like many cities in Johnson County, it sprung up thanks to an old military road. The growth of this community was rapid with its population quadrupling between 1960 and 1990.

With an estimated 20,000 people commuting to Overland Park daily for work, it’s surprise that it’s a business hub. Companies headquartering there include Netsmart, Ash Grove Cement, and Yellow Corporation. But the place isn’t all polo shirts and black ties! It’s also home to several attractions including the Museum at Prairiefire, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, and The White Theater.

No matter where you look, architectural and decoration charm abound. To truly fit into this first-class city, your home will need the help of a professional Overland Park painter.

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The Exterior Painters Overland Park Trusts to Get It Right

You want the outside of your home to look like one of the stars of the Johnson County Home + Remodeling Show. But, right now, it wouldn’t even receive an honorable mention. The paint’s faded, chipped, or some garish color. If your home sports stucco instead of siding, the lack of recent paint might have led it to crumble. Fortunately, whether you live in an old farmhouse or a contemporary box, our exterior painting company in Overland Park is here to level up your curb appeal.

After you call us to schedule a consultation, we’ll come and pay your home a visit. While there, our painters will examine your home for signs of wood damage, grime, and other obstacles. We will help you select a sheen, shade, and mixture of paint that fit the needs of your particular space. Our painter will then return to the office to create a quote for painting your siding, wood shingles, or stucco. A detailed quote will be presented, and we’ll make an appointment to get the job done.

Once we’re finished, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of exterior painting in Overland Park. This includes not only increased property values but also improved weather resistance and hardier siding. Check out this link for some recent testimonials.

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A Hassle-Free and Quality Alternative to DIY Interior Painting in Overland Park

You might be tempted to paint your own bedroom or man cave, but you’ll also be stuck staring at the results for years to come. Like the heartbeat in The Telltale Heart, each run and drip will be painfully apparent as time goes on. Then, if you don’t prepare correctly or picked a paint that can’t take a beating, all that hard work will be useless in just a couple of years. That’s why we suggest leaving interior painting in Overland Park to a licensed professional. One that you can trust to do things right—a local company like RPM Painting. The advantages of hiring a professional interior painter are numerous.

That’s why, when it comes time to paint your kitchen or bathroom in Overland Park, we suggest taking the smoother route. Not only will we make interior paint recommendations guaranteed to go the distance, but we’ll also handle the groundwork. This includes taking down blinds, moving furniture, and applying row upon row of painter’s tap. When we lay that roller down, you’ll see a smooth, magazine-ready finish without runs, Once we leave, all you’ll have to do is decorate.

Level up your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom with a fresh coat of paint from Overland Park’s go-to painting company

Your Commercial Overland Park Painter

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a coat of paint can make to customers and employees alike. A pop of color in a restaurant, for instance, can make the place feel more fun and lively. But the wrong shade in a retail location—such as a bright red—can up your customer’s anxiety. A dark coat on a building’s roof, meanwhile, can help it retain heat and lower its energy bills. These kinds of facts drive our commercial painting recommendations in Overland Park. Rest assured, our business-level customers receive support that more than equals what’s seen on our retail side.

As commercial Overland Park painters, we are not afraid of large jobs. Our team of painters is expansive and equipped to handle industrial-scale tasks. We come with the ladders and supplies needed to do the job safely and correctly. We are also fully insured—limiting the risks associated with hiring an outside company. Rest assured, we will take all necessary steps to ensure not only a perfect paint job but to also minimize business interruptions. We invite you to reach out to us and take advantage of our commercial painting expertise.

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Power Washing Services Overland Park Can Count On

A good scrub can make a world of difference when it comes to your curb appeal in Overland Park. And, with RPM’s power washing service, that’s exactly what you get. Necessary to prep siding for painting, we’ve leveraged our years of experience with power washers to expand our service offerings. Through high-powered water, we can not only blast away mildew from siding and roofs but remove stains from concrete fixtures as well. If your deck is in need of pre-stain treatment, our Overland Park power-washing company can handle that as well.

If you’ve tried to power wash your own home, you might have been surprised by the number of treatment options. Should you go with something chlorine based? Is simple water enough? How do you know if a certain chemical will play well with your stucco or siding? When you hire RPM, you won’t have to worry about it! Our power washing experts will always select the treatment or combination of treatments that are right for your property in Overland Park. Like with all of our other services, those who need power washing benefit from both our flexible scheduling and standardized pricing.

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Full Carpentry Services Designed to Fit the Needs of Overland Park

Imagine your painting company is working on your porch when everything suddenly grinds to a halt. It turns out the wood used to build it is past the point of no return. To keep you and your family safe, it needs to be rebuilt. A lot of Overland Park painters would tell you to call them back when they’re done. Now, you’ve got to schedule new appointments with not one company but two. However, if you hired RPM Painting, that disruption wouldn’t happen.

We consider ourselves a full-service home improvement company, and that means we handle carpentry tasks as well. From installing new doors to soffit replacement and cabinet installation, our woodworkers possess the skills to get the job done. Below is just a small sample of the carpentry tasks we’re capable of:

  • Soffit and deck board replacement
  • Railing and handle additions
  • New deck construction
  • Interior trim work
  • Cabinet refinishing and installation
  • Interior door replacement and installation
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • New window installation
  • Eave building

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Why the Smartest Homeowners in Lee’s Summit Turn to RPM

  • Ample Experience

    Our painting company has served Overland Park since 2006. With over a decade’s worth of experience, there are few things we’ve yet to encounter.

  • Community Care

    We truly care about the happiness of our customers in Overland Park and do our part to give back. When you support us, you give back to your hometown.

  • White Glove Treatment

    When we leave, you won’t even be able to tell we were there (aside from the painting). We wear booties in your home and always clean up after ourselves.

  • Unrivaled Quality

    We’ve perfected the art of painting in Overland Park. Our extensive prep work ensures clean lines and a long-lasting finish.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We want to minimize the interruption to your life. For that reason, we prioritize efficiency and on-time arrivals. You can trust our Overland Park painters to show up when we say we will.

Get One Step Closer to the Home of Your Dreams

Since being founded in 2006, RPM Painting has helped hundreds of people in Overland Park achieve first-class curb appeal. But our expertise doesn’t stop at siding! We can also take care of cabinet refinishing, basic carpentry tasks, and interior painting as well. With over a decade of experience, it’s hard to find another painting company in Kansas City that matches our knowledge and expertise. We are fully insured and certified asthma and allergy friendly.

Our accommodating scheduling allows us to plan around your life. Need a morning appointment? Afternoons? Just reach out to us to get a quote penciled in. We look forward to adding your name to our numerous 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review platforms.